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How Water Can Damage A Home’s Foundation?

Water damage to a home’s foundation is not a one-night event but it’s a process that gradually happens with time. The reasons could be many but some of the highlighted ones are floods and heavy rains. For any house to be steady, the foundation needs to strong to hold everything up together. 

While your property suffers water damage, what suffers the most is the foundation that most of the time left noticeable. The water polling around the surface of your property gets soaked into the concrete foundation, resulting in cracks and holes in your building. This process eventually leads to foundation deterioration. 

There are various reasons how water can damage your home’s foundation. If you want to know the answers to your how’s, then let’s dive into the article together. 

  1. The soil that is under your foundation tends to erode and crumble with time as a large part of water gets absorbed by the loosely packed soil. This may cause soil to shift from its permanent place resulting in a lack of support for the foundation to be in its place. Eventually, with time, this cracking and shifting may show its effects without any warnings. Also, the landscape should be in a way that it diverts water away from the foundation. 
  2. Another way how water can damage your home’s fountain is the plumbing issues. Leakage pipes, extreme water outbursts, running tapes are a few ways how water can get collected ground beneath a house making it unstable for the long term. Therefore, indoor flooding is a potential factor that can cause foundation instability. 

Here Are a Few Signs That Indicate Instability in Your Home’s Foundation That You Can Keep an Eye on:

  1. Multiple cracks and holes in the walls of your basements
  2. A stale smell that keeps knocking your head every time you enter your basement 
  3. Walls starts to bend when the situation is much more severe than you may think 
  4. The growth of mold in the basement or around your house
  5. Wet or moist carpets 
  6. Seeping walls and discoloration 

If you see any of these signs in your house or office, then it’s time to take action before it’s too late! 

There Are Certain Steps That You Can Take to Protect Your House From Water Damage:

  1. Make sure the soil around your house is tightly packed together so that it can support your foundation during the time of floods or heavy water outbursts. 
  2. Keep a check on all pipes and tanks to see there is no unnecessary leakage that can cause you any trouble. And if there’s any, then without wasting any more time, give a call to your plumber. 
  3. Maintain the drainage clean in order to direct rainwater in them rather than into your house. 
  4. Maintain your gutters properly so that they are not clogged and eventually drain out all the waste away from your house. 

These are the few minor steps that you can add to your checklist and they will save your home’s foundation to suffer from any kind of water damage. 

Final Verdict 

It’s sometimes surprising how water can damage your home’s foundation. But if you live in flood-prone areas or you suspect any kind of instability in your foundation, then get in direct contact with the best water damage restoration company that will give you definite solutions to your problems.

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