Top 10 Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist San Diego

Have you been a victim of a Craigslist scam? Well, we all have witnessed situations where we are being offered much more for the price, we usually think about how dreamy it is to be so lucky enough to avail such an opportunity. But along with that wave of happiness, comes along the fear of being scammed. We know how horrifying it is, to even think about being affected by Craigslist scam. Just when you believe in how legitimate the ad is, and you invest your money and hope into it – and ending up being scammed is the worst nightmare ever. Honestly, Craigslist scams happen, a lot. These scams can be in the form of phony ads, which would attract you and make you believe as it’s real and so worthy! You might have noticed the increased number of these scams nowadays, be it a small town or a larger, it happens everywhere. We are here with top 10 money scams to watch out for on Craigslist San Diego. Check the list out:

  • Be Cautious – The Rental Scams Are Interesting When The Rate Is Below Market Price

Rental scams are the most common scams on Craigslist San Diego. The recent case, involves the interest of parents, who were looking out for an apartment that they could let their daughter live in. They came across an ad, which offered quite low price than the market value. The parents got scammed by such an affordable rate of the apartment. Sadly, there are more than millions of rental ads which are actually scam and preys over people who get caught in it.

  • Act Smart – District Attorney’s Office Issued Warnings For The Rental Scams

Lately, things have gotten so bad, that District Attorney’s Office has issued warnings for the rental scams happening in town. If you can’t resist from responding to Craigslist San Diego ad, then at least try to be smart by investigating about the apartment before investing into it. Do not make any transaction before being satisfied with the originality of the ad. You owe this to yourself.

  • Always Verify – Do Visit The Location Physically

Never settle on a phonic conversation when it comes to property. These ads might seem interesting and appealing, but if you are being offered a rate which is below the market price, then there is something fishy about it. Rather than settling on a phonic or email conversation, always verify the place by visiting there physically.

  • Be Careful – Never Wire Money

Even if you are not going to buy an apartment, always look out for anything which sounds or seem suspicious. For example, vacation housing market has been one of the top scams of Craigslist San Diego. Imagine paying the wire money as rent for a vacation house, and when you drive up there – there’s no such apartment that you saw on the ad. That would be devastating, wouldn’t it?

  • Check The Location – Apartment Listing Sometimes End Up With No Apartment

The apartment with the most affordable price, which seems just like a dream coming true – is it even for real? The scams which fool the audience with the apartment listing, ends up with no apartment at the location that you have been given. Always ensure to Google the location of the apartment and go through the information and route.

  • Be Reasonable – Never Wire Money For Items You Want To Buy

If the ad requires money in order to confirm the meeting or reservation with out meeting in person, never wire your money into it. If you want to buy an apartment, always go through the location, meet the person who has put up the ad and ensure that everything falls in place. Otherwise, just walk away.

  • Do The Paperwork – Get The Lease And Clear The Terms And Conditions

Instead of rushing into getting the place at an affordable price, think about it twice. Rather than settling for verbal commitments, always do the paperwork and ensure its authenticity. Get a lease with clear statements that highlight the rent or amount paid, the period of renting and every essential obligation. 

  • Do A Proper Check – Ensure That The Person Who Posted The Ad Has Access Inside The House

If the person who had posted the ad, is not playing a scam on you – he mustn’t have any issue to fulfil every essential detail that is required. Always ensure that the person who posted the ad, and has invited you to check out the location, has the keys of the place. Never settle for checking out the place from outside.

  • Direct Transaction – Never Involve Third Party

Meet the person who is the owner of the apartment. Always ensure to make direct payment to the person who owns the place, and is renting out to you. Do not involve third party into it, as it may be a scam or a threat. 

  • Be Responsible – Do Not Give Payment To Anyone You Don’t Know

No matter what, never settle on making the payment to anyone you don’t know. Meet the person advertiser in person, and take good care of the paperwork. Ensure to pay the person only. Avoid chances of scams involving less people into it.


We want you to stay safe from the money scams on Craigslist San Diego. You have to keep an eye on any of the indication as mentioned above, so that you may escape the trap that the scammers are planning to throw over you. Never settle for anything, which seems to cheap and offers you much more than the actual worth. There isn’t any way that you can get a property for such a low price. Ensure to pass these top 10 money scams to your friends and family buy Star Wars Jacket, so that they can be conscious about the scams of Craigslist San Diego as well. Stay safe and be aware of the scammers.

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