All You Need to Know About Coronavirus

At the beginning of December, a new virus named Coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, a city of china. The Chinese government informed the World health organization, that there is a new pneumonia kind of virus, that is spreading so quickly. In the blink of an eye, this virus got spread in different countries of the world and now every human being on the face of this planet is already afraid of Covid 19. It is important now more than ever to review coronavirus safety tips and avoid contamination.

Covid 19 caused lockdown in many important cities of the world, it has already taken so many important loves and millions of other people are now on the verge of death.  Here is all you need to know about the coronavirus Outbreak. 

What is Coronavirus?


According to the world health organization (WHO), coronaviruses are the group of viruses that causes mild to severe respiratory problems. Many animals like bats, cats and others have coronavirus already, and recently it got shifted to humans in Wuhan China. According to some rumors, this virus was transmitted by a Bat soup. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals but they haven’t infected humans yet. 

The name Corona has been driven from a Latin word crown when seen by the help of an electronic microscope, this virus looks like surrounded by a solar corona. This is a human to human transmission virus and it has already affected millions of humans around the globe. 

(Sars) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (Mers) are both brought about by coronaviruses that originated from animals. In 2002, Sars spread for all intents and purposes unchecked to 37 nations, causing a worldwide frenzy, contaminating in excess of 8,000 individuals and killing more than 750. Mers seems, by all accounts, to be less effortlessly gone from human to human, yet it resulted in more deaths and infected a lot of people across the world.

Symptoms of Coronavirus 

According to health experts and doctors, Coronavirus when entered into the human body, it at least takes 10-12 days to show its severe system. Most infected people show symptoms within five to six days. At the beginning of days, it remains silent in the body and starts infecting the body without showing some major symptoms. The following are some of the major symptoms of Covid 19. 

  • a high temperature you feel hot to touch especially on your chest and on your back
  • a new continuous cough this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly. The cough is dry. 
  • A continuous running nose for several days. 
  • In severe conditions, vomitings are also seen as a symptom of the Coronavirus. 

According to doctors all across the world, if you have a simple flu temperature, isolate yourself in a room for at least 14 days and then get yourself with the help of Covid 19 Tests. It is important to isolate yourself, as this virus transfers from one human to another in fractions of seconds. 

Who are at Risk? 


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According to the world health organization, people between the age of 50-80 years are more at the risk. The reason is that at this age the immune systems of human bodies are mostly weak, and coronavirus attacks people with the weaker immune systems more quickly. In addition to that, individuals with previous medical history like sugar, blood pressure, heart diseases, cholesterol are also at great risk. 

In China, for instance, the death rate of individuals between the age of 40 years old was 0.2%, however somewhere between 70 and 79 years old, the death rate suddenly increases up to 8%, and from 80 years old the rate is 14.8% already.

In addition to that men, as compared to women are at more risks of Coronavirus. Therefore for all those who are at greater risks of Covid 19 needs to practice the precautionary measure with a lot of care


Doctors and health experts all over the world have already released the precautionary measures that can keep you safe. Especially people who are at high risk should be a lot more careful. The governments of different countries across the world are trying to take all the measures to control the spread of Covbid 19. 

Following are some instructions related to Coronavirus, read them carefully. 

  • Keep hand sanitizer with you and keep using it on and off. 
  • Wash your hands after every few hours, to make sure your hands are free of germs. 
  • Drink a lot of warm water
  • Avoid self-medication. 
  • Clean the surfaces every now and then as the virus remains on the surface for a few hours. 
  • Avoid social gatherings at any cost. Don’t go to the shopping malls, parties and do not attend any wedding. 
  • Keep a distance of 1-2 meters if talking to someone is so important. 
  • Work from home.

That’s all. 

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