Everything You Need to Know About Community Solar

Powering your home through solar power is becoming a widespread and popular practice.If you’re interested in pursuing alternative energy options, consider choosing community solar. It is an excellent method for reaping the financial and environmental benefits of solar power without the extra hassle. Learn about it to discover environmentally-friendly opportunities for altering your home’s energy source.  

Understanding Solar Power

Solar power is a popular alternative energy resource for providing electricity to homes. 

Solar power is created by converting energy from sunlight into electricity. 

Systems for creating solar energy utilize lenses, mirrors, and solar tracking systems to concentrate large areas of sunlight into a single, small beam. 

Harnessing the sun’s energy to create solar power is accomplished by installing solar panels.

community solar

Energy is transformed into solar power by directly using photovoltaics or indirectly using concentrated solar power. 

Solar power offers numerous financial and environmental benefits for powering your home. 

Understand the process of generating solar power to fully comprehend alternative energy options for you, your home, and the environment. 

What is Community Solar? 

Community solar is a group of people sharing electricity produced by harvesting solar energy. 

Community solar is referred to in a variety of ways, such as solar farms, shared solar, and energy sharing. 

Just as you start outdoor projects for your home, you can start a community solar project as long as the sun is shining, resulting in multiple solar farms of different shapes and sizes. Solar panels are typically installed on fields, deserts, or large building rooftops to create energy sharing possibilities. 

Generally, a government, private company, non-profit organization, or utility will build a solar farm to offer people the opportunity to lease their energy.

Community solar projects are spreading across the United States, making it more accessible than ever. 

Understand specific details regarding community solar, including financial information, advantages, and disadvantages, to determine if it’s the ideal energy-efficient solution for your home. 

Financial Information

Learn valuable financial information about community solar to discover the myriad of financial benefits available. 

Generally, the initial build of a solar farm is funded by a third party. Once the community solar project exists, minimal funding is required. 

Potential maintenance or security fees may be occasionally expected, but generating electricity from the sun is free of charge. 

Additionally, community solar typically involves a virtual net metering program. Virtual net metering programs allow you the opportunity to earn credits for the excess energy you produce. 

Any excess solar energy you purchase or produce is credited towards your utility bill to cover electricity utilized when your solar panels aren’t actively creating energy. 

Lastly, community solar is offered at a fixed rate, meaning you can intentionally plan your energy expenses. 

Community solar projects also provide discounted rates that grant you substantial savings compared to traditional electricity methods. 

Understand the important financial information related to community solar to ensure you make the right decision. 

Excellent Advantages 

Community solar provides numerous advantages for powering your home. 

community solar

As previously mentioned, community solar is financially beneficial due to the minimal maintenance fees, virtual net metering programs, and discounted rates. 

In addition, community solar allows you to avoid the expensive installation costs associated with installing solar panels on your own roof. 

Solar farms are environmentally advantageous because they utilize solar power, a clean, renewable energy source.

By limiting the number of harmful gases released, community solar benefits the environment to combat climate change, resulting in a more eco-friendly home. 

Community solar is beneficial on the individual level given the minimal involvement required. 

You don’t directly participate with the installation, maintenance, and security process for the solar farm, heavily decreasing your amount of involvement. 

Finally, community solar is widely accessible to many people. 

Other solar power options demand ideal roof conditions and homeowner’s status, but community solar offers a simple energy alternative that doesn’t require a particular roof or exclude renters. 

Consider the excellent advantages of switching to community solar to provide electricity to your home. 

Unfortunate Disadvantages

Unfortunately, potential disadvantages are associated with choosing community solar. 

Even though community solar is increasing in popularity, solar farm access isn’t available everywhere. 

Currently, the limited accessibility of solar farms may prohibit you from participating in a community solar project. 

Generating electricity through community solar is an environmentally-friendly process; however, the creation of solar panels and the use of land does negatively impact the environment. 

Community solar is significantly less damaging than traditional electricity methods, but minimal harmful gases are emitted during the production process. 

Understanding the unfortunate disadvantages of community solar is essential to making an informed decision for you, your home, and your future. 

Locate Community Solar Opportunities 

Once you’ve learned about community solar, find community solar opportunities in your area. 

Research to discover community solar in NY and locate an available solar farm near you. 

Explore payment plans and possibilities to ensure you choose the perfect option. 

Fill out the required forms to easily enroll in a community solar project. 

Learn about community solar to understand if it’s the ideal alternative energy option to power your home.

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