5 Most Common Home Emergencies And How To Handle Them Without Breaking The Bank

Home emergencies can sometimes be as catastrophic as having a home destroyed by a hurricane or other natural disasters. However, the most stressful ones are the ‘minor’ emergencies such as plumbing failures. These emergencies can seem minor, but if they’re not addressed in time, they can lead to significant property damage and personal injury.

Below are some of the five most common home emergencies

Blocked Sewer Lines

When was the last time you heard gurgling noises in your house? Or water bubbling from your tubs, shower or faucets? All these are signs that your sewer line is blocked.

The sewer line being blocked can be one of the most frustrating home emergencies. If it’s not addressed in due time, it might result in raw sewage backing up the sewer lines.


  • Debris, toilet paper, or feminine hygiene products
  • Broken pipes caused by pressure from nearby tree roots.


  • Release the pressure: Every time there is a blockage, the first thing you should do is to release the tension from the times. This might help the clogged areas to unclog. To do this, inspect the sewer lines for the sewer cleanout line. Once you’ve identified the cleanout line, unscrew the cap and release the water.
  • If the cause of the blockage is roots that have found their way into the sewer pipes, you might have to use chemicals to kill and wash away the roots. Copper Sulfate is one of the chemicals used to kill the roots and flush them down. However, due to its corrosive nature, it’s banned for use in many counties. Therefore, ensure that you look for a herbicide that is legal in your county and use it several times to successfully kill the roots and wash them down the drain.
  • Call professionals to come to inspect the sewer line and conduct any mechanical repairs that are needed.

Note, repairing blocked sewage emergency might come up when you are low in cash and possibly low on savings too. LetMeBank has tons of resources on how you can obtain quick short-term and installment loans to get you through these situations even if you have bad credit. 

Getting locked out

If you’ve never been locked out of your house, hands up? Almost everybody at one point in their lives gets locked out of their house. If it has happened to you already, it will if you don’t take preventative measures soon.

Here are some smart ways to avoid being locked out of your house:

  • Give an extra key to a close friend or a neighbor
  • Get a fake rock just close to your door to stash a spare key.
  • Keep an extra key on a lockbox. This is better than just stashing your key in a hidden area since most burglars are familiar with most hiding places. However, ensure that you remember the combination codes to open the lockbox and also keep it in a safe place.
  • Invest in a smart or keyless door lock. You can either choose a fingerprint lock or a combination lock. Either way, this is the most foolproof method to forget about being locked out of the house completely.

Broken HVAC

Have you ever been to the house in summer and the AC system breaks down? Or it’s winter, and the heating system fails? It’s one of the worst emergencies to happen. When such emergencies happen, call the HVAC repair company immediately. As you wait for their arrival, here are some tips to keep yourself cool in summer:

  • Turn off any heat-producing electrical appliances
  •  Turn on the fan
  • Keep a few ice cubes in a bowl directly in front of the fan. This hack will help cool the air with cool air and moisture from the ice cubes.

Ceiling Leak

If your ceiling is leaking, it is an indication that either the roof is damaged and leaking or you have a plumbing issue on the roof. It’s critical to address a leaking ceiling as soon as possible since, if it’s left untreated, it might result in mold and eventually weaken the integrity of the house.

Below are a few steps you can ultimately follow when you note the ceiling is leaking:

  • Trace the source of the leak
  • If the leak is from a broken pipe, shut off the water from the primary source before calling a plumber to repair the pipes
  • If the leak is from a damaged roof, immediately call a professional to do the necessary repairs.

Gas Leak

Gas leaks can be dangerous if they aren’t noticed soon enough. So, immediately you note a gas leak, report it to the necessary emergency numbers. 

Here are the necessary steps to take when you note a gas leak:

  • Turn off the gas 
  • Open all the windows and doors
  • Do not operate any electrical appliances
  • Do not strike any matches
  • Keep people away from the house until the leak is identified and rectified.

Home emergencies an inevitable. It is therefore essential to ensure that you always keep some savings away to cater for such eventualities. However, there are lots of options out there on how to get funds to cater for such emergencies to avoid them from escalating.

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