Discover The Most Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain

There are approximately 4 million Australians with back pain, which is roughly one in six of the population! For many people, the pain is severe but manageable. But, for others, it is chronic, deliberating, and seems endless. These are the ones that need medical assistance and are likely to benefit from the specialist skills of a reputable spine surgeon.

Understanding The Back

Your back or spine is made up of 33 bones, each one is called vertebrae. They are separated into five distinct sections:

  1. Cervical

  2. Thoracic

  3. Lumbar

  4. Sacrum

  5. Coccyx

Each vertebra is separated from the next with a soft disc. This allows flexibility and movement. Your spine supports your body, protects the spinal cord and nervous system, and forms the central axis of your body. Damage to any section can lead to pain, a reduction in mobility, or if the damage is severe enough nerve issues that can affect your ability to maintain a normal life.

There are several common causes of chronic back pain that you should be aware of and take steps to avoid.


Sitting slouched for extended periods of time or hunched over a keyboard is detrimental to your posture. Equally, lifting heavy items repeatedly can negatively affect your posture unless done properly. These issues add up over time, creating poor posture which places additional stress on your spine and results in chronic back pain.

Muscle Failure

From the moment you pass thirty, your muscles start to lose strength. If you don’t do anything about this they will become weaker. When this happens in your back it is only a matter of time before they are straining to support your body; Combine this with excess weight and your spine is suddenly under a lot of pressure and will start to ache. The effects will get worse with time unless you start exercising to strengthen your back and core. 


You generally have little control over this one. Back pain can be caused by damage to your spine through trauma. This can be as a result of a car accident, a trip, or a fall, or any variety of other ways to impact your spine. The damage causes pain. The only question is whether the spine will heal and the pain disappears, or if it will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Repetitive Motions

You may be surprised to discover that overusing your sine can also cause issues. If you constantly do the same action every day, such as driving all day or typing at a desk, you will be placing your back under stress. The motions by themselves are fine but the fact that you do them over and over again makes them an issue. This stress causes issues for your spine, resulting in back pain. 



Chronic back pain can also be the result of a disease or infection. Only a doctor will be able to advise if this can be resolved or not. 

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