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Choosing the Mattress for the Platform Bed

Whenever you are on a spree of giving your bedroom a makeover, then the bed is the main part of it. And that too a perfect platform and then finding a right mattress will definitely be a task.
There are a lot of varieties of platform beds available in many designs and styles. From the one having a traditional look to one in modern and contemporary made and there are few for lovebirds having a romantic design. 
However, the design varies, but its main part is the same having a flat wooden panel or slats at the bottom. Then comes the mattress which you want to replace, and there are plenty of options available for you to select and put on your platform beds.
Before choosing a comfortable mattress, let’s know more about our platform beds. It’s just a bed having a frame acting as the base for placing the matters’ can either get a box spring as it is less expensive. It is easy to move and sometimes comes with added storage space under the frame; it will be equally snuggly for resting a mattress.
platform bed

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The platform beds having slats are usually made up of wood or metal both will work for your platform bed foundation. You can opt for any type of platform beds whatever works for you and your bedroom. It should be just comforting and cozy and also an add-on to the whole decor of the room altogether. 
Next, point to look for is the weight that your platform bed can sustain. This will really depend on the platform bed type you buy and weight capacity. However, on average, a platform bed can hold up to on the lower side 205 kg to 20000kg of weight. 
But before buying the platform bed you must watch for how strong is the material used in the making, are the slats strong enough, and will it bear the weight of you, your companion, and the kids.

Types of Mattresses According to Material

You can frame your platform beds with any type of mattress with some points to be taken into account.

  • Innerspring Mattress

This type of mattress is designed into two layers one is supportive, and another is the comfort layer. The supportive layer comprises of metal springs that are placed evenly in the mattress to give your body perfect support and posture and evenly distribute the body weight. 
The Comfort layer is the softer part it is made up of materials like memory foam or polyfoam, which make the upper layer comforting and soft. These innerspring mattresses are ideal for heavyweight sleepers and people having back issues.
These mattresses are economical, which makes them the right choice. On the contrary, they also come in there is elevated hybrid type having pocket coil construction and includes a topping of memory foam, latex, or gel with different depth and density of layers.

  • Memory Foam

 They are the most versatile bed mattress, which can be just laid on the floor, or box spring, or as a platform bed as the memory foam is made from polyurethane which makes it durable having a high density.
They provide perfect support to the body and also helps in releasing pressure. You can place it on a platform bed with slats comfortably, and it will provide its breathability with perfect support and look.

  • Latex Mattress

They are on the heavier side of mattresses, and so they will need their placement on a strong platform bed, and you can put it on platform bed with box spring or slats both is a great option. However, there should not be more distance between slats; otherwise, it will submerge between them and lose their shape. These mattresses are springy and bounce back once the pressure is released from them and contour to the body.
platform bed

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These mattresses are ideal for people who move on the bed a lot.

  • Hybrid Mattress

These mattresses are a combination of two or more materials to make it more comfortable.
They use multiple technologies like a strong spring system which is combined with softer foam and latex. These mattresses are highly recommended for platform beds as their make gives a great deal of support and also evenly distribute the pressure.
If you are thinking of but the best mattress for your platform bed, so that you can have a good and peaceful sleep, then visit https://thesleepshopinc.com/best-mattress-for-platform-bed/. You can find the perfect mattress for yourself from the range of mattresses present in the market, both online and offline.

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