Casual Labor Hire – How to Tell if it’s Right for you

When you’re unemployed and looking for work then being offered any job can be a bonus. In fact, getting a job offer can be enough for you to accept it without thinking it through. However, you should consider the job offer first, especially if you’re looking at casual labor hire. While this presents a viable opportunity to earn money it may not be the best choice for you.

What is Casual Labor?

If you’re offered a casual labor contract then you will not be guaranteed any working hours and you won’t be entitled to normal health benefits, such as sickness and holiday pay.
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For companies, it’s a great way of having someone on their books that can be contacted at short notice and used for a few days or a much longer period.
As an employee, you won’t have much control over the hours you are offered or the money you are earned. But, in some situations, this can be favorable.

When Casual Labor Isn’t for You

If you need a regular wage to pay the bills and want, or need, to create a schedule so you know what time you’re working and when you’re free, then casual labor isn’t the right option for you. 
However, you can still enjoy a variety of different jobs by signing up with a labor hire agency. This will give you access to a much larger job market and help you find the perfect job.
Businesses will still benefit from hiring employees on a casual basis but you’ll have the stability and reliability of a contract with a labor hire firm. In effect, the labor hire firm will give you a contract and pay you. They’ll even give you holiday pay and sickness benefits. 
This will help you create the stability you need.

When Casual Labor is a Good Idea

If you have minimal bills and don’t have to worry about dependents then you may want to consider casual labor. It’s a great way to try a multitude of different jobs then causal labor can help. 
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Don’t forget that casual labor puts you in control as you can quit at any time, notice periods are not usually necessary. This makes it a great option if you’re saving for something particular or intending to get enough to go traveling.
You should also note that causal labor tends to attract a higher rate of pay than those in permanent employment. This is in recognition of the fact that you are on standby for the company. When you don’t need a steady income this can make your actual earnings more attractive.
Of course, being a causal worker also gives you a way-in. You can build experience and show your worth, potentially resulting in a permanent job offer.

Permanent Rights 

If you’re taking a casual labor contract you need to note the terms and conditions. Although you have few benefits after you’ve been with an employer for a year you do have the right to claim parental leave. That can be beneficial.

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