When Defective Auto Parts Cause Car Accidents

Getting in a car accident is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you find out that the accident could have been prevented in the first place because it was caused by a defective auto part. These types of accidents are not uncommon. In fact, CNBC reports that the entire auto industry was reshaped by vehicle recalls and corruption in the industry in the decade leading up to the year 2020.
There were over 323 million recalls between 2010 and 2019’s third quarter, which comes to a whopping 81.1% increase from the year before. In March 2020 after six years in court, General Motors settled a lawsuit for faulty ignition switches for $120 million. GM has recalled 2.4 million vehicles for model years between 2004 and 2014, and 124 people died because of the ignition switch failure. The defective switches caused vehicles to stall when in motion even at high speeds. 
Not every defective auto part will cause a fatal wreck but the accidents they do cause are serious enough, sometimes causing significant injury and even disability. If you’re injured in an accident and suspect a faulty auto part is the culprit, a Bronx car accident lawyer can help you determine if you have a case. 

Who Is Commonly Found at Fault for Defective Auto Parts? 

There are many different entities who could be held liable for auto part defects. These include parts manufacturers, designers, the actual vehicle manufacturer or even a third party vendor who made the part and sold it to the manufacturer. Defective parts have been known to include brakes, transmissions, gear shifts, tires, braking systems, airbags and as we mentioned before, ignition switches. 
Prominent cases with big settlements have included faulty airbags that deploy even though the driver has not been involved in a collision, fires from defective electrical systems, wheels or tires that malfunction and crack or break while the car is in motion, accelerators that get stuck when driving and some cases have even involved steering columns that suddenly break. 

Manufacturing and the Law

Manufacturing and the Law
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Auto parts and vehicle manufacturers are bound by law to provide products that are considered safe for the public. As soon as any danger is uncovered, the law mandates that the public be warned. If the manufacturer fails to provide a timely warning to consumers, they can be found guilty by a judge if a consumer brings an injury case to court.

Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability means the manufacturer is found liable for the defect. Three different scenarios can be applied:

Strict Liability

This is straightforward and means that the part was defective and was a direct cause of the accident that caused your injury.

Breach of Express Warranty

In these cases, you will need to provide the warranty in writing and prove that the part under warranty did not perform properly and caused your accident. 

Breach of Implied Warranty 

This means that there was a violation of a warranty that is implied by the manufacturer which led to the crash that injured you. 
Finding out that your car accident was the result of a defective auto part leaves many drivers in disbelief, but it is crucial to realize that it can and does happen. Discovering that someone you love was killed in an accident because of a bad part is even more traumatic. 
Winning in court might mean doing battle with a large corporation. Finding knowledgeable and trusted legal representation from a compassionate Bronx car accident lawyer will ease the burden and help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

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