Buying Guide For All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Riding an MTB is a whole new adventurous experience. This sport is loved by so many people that it is now one of the most popular global sports. Apart from fun and enthusiasm, this is very beneficial in contributing to the health of a rider. Problems related to heart diseases, joints, spine, etc. are cured and prevented with this exercise. Also, it helps you in refreshing your mood, giving mental relief and better sleep. If you don’t have an MTB yet, then you should consider buying it at least once. You can get various kinds of mountain bike under $1000, as this budget covers every top rated and high-performance MTB.

These are a few points that you have to consider while buying your MTB.


The size of the wheels plays a vital role in your speed and the traction of the tires. You can get the mountain bike’s tires in different sizes, viz. 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. All of them give different responses for your off road and on road riding experiences. The width of the wheels is directly proportional to the grip of the wheel to the ground, i.e. more the size of wheels more will be the traction.

If you want more speed then you should choose the lesser size of tires.  Initially, there were only two sizes i.e. 26 and 29; 26 was preferred by downhill riders and 29 was preferred by uphill riders. As downhill riders have plain slope and roads so they need much speed than traction while it is opposite with uphill riders. Now, many manufacturers have come up with a new size which gives you speed as well as grip on all kinds of terrain. So, according to your riding area and terrain, you can choose the size of the wheel.


Many times people get confused about which bike to choose, one with full suspension or the one with a hardtail. You can decide this as per your convenience and the way you ride, your control over the bikes on rocky slopes. Since hardtail has suspension only at the front, it makes easy to climb steep slopes and gives you more power to pedal while bike with full suspension will be good for you if you love the bumpy routes. Also, if you are a little low on budget then you can go with a hardtail because they only have front suspension so they are little cheaper than bikes with dual suspension.


Before choosing what number of gears you want in your MTB, you need to understand its mechanism that how it helps and enhances your bike riding experience. It’s the mechanism that happens between your front chain sprockets and rear chainrings, balanced with the metal chain itself. An easy explanation of this mechanism is that the more you shift your gear, the less power you have to put in your pedaling, i.e. it gives you comfortable and softer pedaling experience. So, if you love to ride on plain terrain then you won’t need many gears while if you are riding on uneven terrains like off-road or steep slopes then you need an MTB with higher gears.

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