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Buying Air Purifier To Filter Tobacco Smoke

The National Cancer Institute has regularly warned the public of the detrimental chemicals contained in tobacco. According to them, in a cloud of tobacco smoke, 7,000 chemicals are contained, 250 of which are considered to be harmful. Among these toxic chemicals are ammonia, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen cyanide. 69 of them are said to cause cancer. 

To filter these harmful chemicals, there are specially designed air purifiers for smoke. If somebody in your house smokes, he is not only exposing himself to the dangers of these harmful chemicals. The non-smokers are also at an equally high risk of suffering the ill effects of secondhand smoke. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), secondhand smoke triggers a plethora of health conditions in children and infants, including ear infections, respiratory infections, severe asthma attacks, and even sudden infant death syndrome. Aside from that, it is also a known cause of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions in adults. Given the dangers of tobacco smoke and secondhand smoke, it is, therefore, crucial to eliminate any trace of smoke in the air particles. 

Size Of Tobacco Particles 

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The size of tobacco smoke particles ranges from 0.3 to 0.5 microns. Then again, most of its harmful particles are as little as 0.1 microns. To give you a better idea of how big plenty these particles are, the standard pin’s head can fit as many as 1,000 single microns. Now that you know what the size of particles from tobacco smoke is, the more important question is what kind of air purifier for smoke can take care of both the air particles and the smell of tobacco. 

Can These Air Purifiers Filter These Small Particles? 

This question is crucial, especially when you are choosing the right air purifier for smoke for a home with a couple of tobacco smokers. Most people believe that the most efficient air purifier when it comes to removing tobacco smoke is the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier. Though it is not sure whether or not HEPA filters have different grades, it is a fact that this kind of air purifier for smoke can take out the most hazardous, finer particles. 

These types of filters can range from reasonably inexpensive to those that cost hundreds of dollars. However, despite the claims, a closer look at its specification confirms that HEPA filters inside these air purifiers are effective at removing 0.3 microns air particles, but are not capable of removing hazardous airborne pollutants that are smaller than 0.3 microns. 

If you are looking for something that can clear the air from tobacco smoke, you will need air purifiers for a smoke with HEPA filters that are also capable of filtering 0.1-micron air particles. According to experts, this does not mean that HEPA filters with 0.3-micron filters are not useful. The 0.3-micron HEPA filters are still helpful in removing less hazardous pollutants like pollens, plant spores, and pet dander. 

Does This Mean That Any Air Purifier With The Right HEPA Filter Can Eliminate Tobacco Smoke?

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Not really. Filters are only one part of the solution. Aside from filtering the air, you also need to attract all the smoky air towards the filter and have the same smoky smell removed from the room. These three steps are the answers to the tobacco smoke problem. 

The point is, no matter how excellent the quality of your HEPA filter is, if its fan is too weak to suck all the smoky air towards it and is also incapable of drawing the air towards the screen quickly, the same filter becomes immaterial. Simply put, the right combination should include a 0.1 micron HEPA filter, a fan motor that is powerful enough to suck all the smoke from the air, and quickly draw towards it, and finally, a filter that is capable of removing the smell of the smoke coming from the tobacco. 

Finding the right air purifier for your tobacco smoke-filled room may take time and lots of money. However, if you think about the benefits you and your family can take away, you can say that the advantages far outweigh the effort and price. 

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