The Impact of Filthy Washrooms on Businesses

Many businesses appreciate the power of first impressions.  Customers must feel comfortable and at ease the moment they step into a store or restaurant. That’s why store windows gleam and sparkle and every display looks polished.
But, many businesses forget about the importance of their washroom, a dirty washroom van has a fundamental impact on the success of your business, especially during a pandemic.
The moment a customer sees a filthy washroom several thoughts will go through their mind. The culmination of these thoughts is likely to lead to them exiting your premises. In short, you’ll lose sales.
But that’s not the worst part! These customers are likely to post a review of your business on social media, telling others how filthy your washrooms are. This will stop other customers from even coming to your premises.
In an extreme scenario, your dirty washroom can destroy your business!

Customer Thought Process

To understand why filthy washrooms cause such extreme reactions you need to understand the thoughts that pass through your customer’s mind.

  • Feeling Dirty

A dirty washroom instantly makes many individuals feel dirty. This doesn’t encourage them to stay where they are. In fact, all they will be thinking about is the level of dirt in the washroom and whether it is attaching itself to them.
Most people are aware of how easily bacteria can spread. Once they’ve entered your washroom they’ll start to wonder what bacteria and viruses they are collecting. At that point, all they will want is fresh air.
To avoid this you simply need to clean the washrooms regularly and use a reputable provider of sanitary bins Sydney.

  • Quality Concerns

If the customer hasn’t already bolted then they’ll start to think about the level of hygiene in the business. If the washrooms are this dirty then it suggests that the business doesn’t take care of itself. That automatically leads the customer to consider the sales staff as dirty, simply because of the environment they work in. 
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Once a customer questions your hygiene levels then it’s a short mental hop to assess the quality of your products. A company that doesn’t care about hygiene is usually assumed to have inferior quality products. That will send most customers out of the door.

  • Complaints Procedure

Customers don’t generally complain about the state of the washrooms unless they are in mid-sale. Instead, they vote with their feet and leave. But, if they are still thinking about staying then they will start to wonder if the complaints procedure is even worth looking at.
Again, a company that doesn’t care about the hygiene standards for staff and customers is unlikely to worry about customer complaints.
That means any customer with an issue will probably not get a satisfactory result.
The short story is that filthy washrooms make customers leave. If you want to keep your valuable customers and have a business you need to spend the time cleaning your washrooms. You also need a schedule to ensure they are checked and cleaned throughout the day.
They don’t need to be perfect, but they do need to appear cared for.

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