What is the Best VPS Hosting Option for Forex Trading

Forex trading requires the capacity to identify and respond to market changes quickly. This means leveraging the power of sophisticated forex trading software. For retail forex traders, that would usually be MetaTrader 4 or MT4. Exchange rates can dive in a matter of seconds and transform what was a comfortably profitable position to one teetering on the brink of sizable loss. Each second of delay means exacerbating your losses or missing out on valuable gains.
Large forex trading entities such as banks can afford to set up their own server infrastructure dedicated to this line of business. For smaller players though, the most practical approach would be to subscribe to a forex virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan. Given the demands of forex trading, not just any VPS plan will do. You must find one that will best facilitate the realization of your trading goals.
Here’s a look at the best VPS options you have for forex trading.
vps hosting for forex trading

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1. AccuWeb Hosting

Bring your VPS for forex trading to the future. With a basic plan starting from $15, AccuWeb Hosting sits somewhere near the center of the pricing range among leading forex VPS providers. It is one of the most established players having commenced operations in 2003. The business is certainly not short of the experience to provide a service that satisfies the highest levels of reliability and customer service as is required of a trading platform.
The staff are well-versed with the unique dynamics of forex traders and can provide the technical support needed to optimize your trading. Accuweb Hosting supports PayPal and credit/debit card payments. There’s a traffic cap of 250GB per month which, though falling short of most other VPS providers cap, should suffice. AccuWeb Hosting has a free trial which is a great way to get a feel of the plan’s suitability.
On the downside, Accuweb Hosting’s data center is in the US which might raise latency concerns when trading with a non-US broker.

2. Hostwinds

Hostwinds was established in 2010. While its VPS is not specifically tailored for forex traders, it has plans that are well suited for low-cost hosting of trading software. Like Accuweb Hosting, Hostwind’s servers are based in the US which doesn’t bode well for non-US brokers using the service.
Nevertheless, the basic plan starts at an attractive $13.50 which is a steal considering there are no limits on monthly bandwidth use. You don’t only have PayPal and credit/debit cards as payment options but also Skrill and Bitcoin. If you are not sure whether to commit, there’s a 60-day money-back guaranteed trial period.

3. RouterHosting

vps hosting for online trading

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Founded in 2008, RouterHosting is one of the older VPS providers and offers plans well-suited for forex traders. At just $4.95 for the basic package, RouterHosting’s pricing is hard to beat. But that’s not the only advantage it provides for forex VPS hosting plans. Accepted payment methods are credit/debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Payza.
The geographical spread of its servers is quite impressive with locations in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, and Singapore. That ensures considerable flexibility for non-US brokers. Monthly bandwidth is capped at 1,000GB.


FXVM is a relatively recent entrant having come online in 2013. That should however not take away from the compelling value the service provides. As its name suggests, FXVM offers specialized services suited for forex trading. Unlike the providers covered in the three previous sections, it has the MT4 platform preinstalled.
There’s a latency monitor that checks connection speed in real-time between the different UK and US brokers. At $19.95 for the most basic package, FXVM is not the cheapest. Still, it delivers optimal returns when you compare it to similar plans. Traders who require above average computing power can go for the ‘build your own’ forex VPS plan. The main drawback is the 250GB monthly bandwidth limit.
As a retail forex trader, it’s quite possible for you to run the trading software from an on-site server or computer. However, forex VPS platforms give you access to greater power, increased flexibility, world-class uptime, and faster Internet speeds. If you are looking for the right forex VPS hosting provider, these 4 should be high up on your shortlist.

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