Best Tabletop Dice Sets for Real D&D Fans: Guide for Moms

If you have a child who’s a diehard D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) fan, chances are that you’re on the lookout for that perfect tabletop dice set. This will make a great gift for your kid on any occasion, but it does require some research before the final purchase. 

There’s a lot more to find out if you visit D20collective.com. That’s why it won’t be hard to get that perfect set. Below are just a few considerations that can help you along the way: 

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Check Your Budget

When you want an accurate, fair, high-quality, and flashy dice set, be prepared to shell out the cash. The high-end sets can even go over $100! However, there might be some decent dice sets available for as low as $5. 

It’s wise to fall between the two extremes, especially if your child is still young and may outgrow the D&D interest. There are some perfectly lovely sets available for around $20, along with some multi-set packs for backup purposes. 

Assess The Fairness

Many serious D&D players want their dice to be fair. For polyhedral dices, this means that their faces should be equal in their vertices, size, and probability of coming up. 

If you want fair polyhedrons, you should opt for a D20 or any shape above it. There are around five shapes that will give you that necessary fairness—the cube, icosahedron, dodecahedron, octahedron, and the tetrahedron. Any other shape will not really be fair dice. 

Inquire The Accuracy

dice sets

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The accuracy of dice is just as important as its fairness when playing D&D. But this has more to do with its manufacturing than the shape. Accurate dice has equally weighted sides and equal measurements for each angle, face, and edge. If these features aren’t in place, even the five shapes above won’t give you a completely fair or accurate result. 

Never Ignore Quality

A decent dice set should also be of high quality. This will ensure that it lasts for several thousand rolls before wearing out if they ever do. You want to look for proper workmanship and solid materials such as resins, hard metals, and high-impact plastics. That way, you won’t risk any chipping or breaking even if the dice are dropped from a height onto hard surfaces. 

You may also look for die-cast dice with hand-finished properties. This will further assure you of the dice’s accuracy, as a mold gives a proper size. With hand-finishing, we can be sure that the manufacturer will cut away any excess material, especially by the injection site. Without this removal, the dice can become uneven, which will again compromise its accuracy and fairness. 

Style and Looks Matter Too

Your child is probably going to play this game with their friends. Therefore, it’s logical to go for one of the stylish, cool-looking dice sets. There are several styles and color options available online, with clear, translucent, and solid-colored choices. If you go for a multicolored and opaque set, though, keep in mind that their accuracy is usually not that consistent.

Is It Readable?

For a good D&D game, it’s best if the dice have large numbers that the players can read easily. It’s also a bonus if the colors of the numbers and background are in high contrast. This will avoid questionable rolls and make sure everyone can participate easily. 

The Takeaway

Different D&D players will have different requirements for their tabletop dice sets. If you want to get a model that they’ll really appreciate, accounting for the factors above will be quite helpful. However, it might be best to ask the future user of the dice sets what they require most of all. This way, you’ll be saving a lot of time, money, and effort while also making sure that your child gets just what they want. 

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