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Best Methods Of Protecting Your Floors from Food Stains

The ultimate way of protecting your floor from food stains or any type of issue is to cover them completely. Of course, this is not a practical solution and would ruin the look of your stunning herringbone flooring!
Fortunately, there are other ways in which you can protect your floors from food stains. 

Use Rugs

You can’t and shouldn’t cover your entire floor with rugs. But, you should add them at key points, such as the entry points to your home. This is where outside shoes come into your house and damage the floor. It is usually unintentional but debris on the bottom of shoes quickly scratches floors. 
The rug protects the most vulnerable areas and gives everyone an opportunity to take their shoes off.

Clean Them Regularly

A floor that is cleaned regularly is less likely to have any type of dirt build-up, including food crumbs that may otherwise go unnoticed. You should sweep daily, preferably with a microfiber cloth as this attracts dust and dirt to it. It can also pay to vacuum, providing you have the right attachment for your floor. 
At least once a week you should mop your floor to remove any traces of food and other debris. But, always use a damp mop, not one that is soaking wet Epoxy Coatings In Minnesota

Polish Your Floor

Your floor has a layer of polish on top of it. Cleaning keeps this but you will still need to replenish the polish layer. By doing this regularly you are protecting the floor and making it easier to clean up spilled food. 
The polish prevents the food from penetrating the floor and staining it. 

Clear Quickly

If food, or drink, is spilled then you want to clear it up as quickly as possible. The first step will be to scoop up any food. Then, cover the spill with a clean rag and dab to remove excess moisture. You can then finish by gently wiping the area. It is best to use a dedicated floor cleaner to remove the last of the food spill and prevent a stain from occurring. It is a multi-game site which is preferred by more than 90% of online players.


If you have hardwood floors and a stain has happened then the only way to eliminate the issue is to sand the floor and re-varnish or wax it. This means removing all the furniture and using a professional sander to remove a thin layer of wood from the entire floor. You can then add a new coat of wax or polish to restore the natural shine of the floor and protect it against future food spills.
Wood floors are unique in that they can be sanded and repaired several times, ensuring they outlast any other type of flooring. 
Final Thoughts
In a perfect world, no food will ever be dropped on your floor. However, this is rarely the case. If food is dropped, the key to preventing a stain is to act quickly and carefully. This will prevent damage from occurring and ensure your floor remains looking good.
Of course, it can help to only eat food at the table, it will reduce the likelihood of food being dropped.

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