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The Best Color Floors to go With Gray Walls

Designing and decorating any space can be difficult. Not only do you have to think about which colors go together, but you also need to consider the latest trends of best color floors and how they will change over the next few months or years. The last thing you want to do is repaint the room every other week!

How Colors Affect Rooms

Bright colors will make a room lighter and therefore make it feel larger, darker colors make a room feel smaller. Of course, if you have a small room you’ll probably want to make it feel larger which means using light colors.

But, the purpose of the room makes a difference. A large room that needs to feel cozy is going to want dark, rich colors. These will encourage the feeling of coziness and shrink the size of the space. You’ll also need to choose dark furniture that simulates the same feeling. 

The Grayness of The Walls

The problem with stating gray walls is that there are many different shades of gray. The array of choices moves from an off-white gray which is bright to a dark gray which is approaching black and absorbs the light in any space. 

Best color Floors go with grey is
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The floor you choose will depend on the shade of gray you’re using and the material you choose

 Epoxy Flooring

You may be surprised to discover that epoxy floor coatings are becoming very popular. They need to be specially applied but, once set, are extremely durable and look fantastic. They are also surprisingly warm and soft. 

Epoxy floors are also available in a wide range of color choices. That means you can select the color which goes best with your walls. In general, it’s best to choose darker floors as they are better at hiding dirt and damage. This means the gray on your walls needs to be a medium to light shade, allowing the room to feel spacious and practical.

Don’t forget, epoxy floorings are not new but they are not excessively common in homes yet. That means you’ll be ahead of the trend and have a contemporary-looking space.

The Wood Option

If you have darker gray walls then you may want to consider lightening the floor to create contrast and balance. The good news is wooden floors come in a variety of colors and the white ash look is the perfect choice for darker spaces. 

Wood is always a good choice for the rustic feel and its balance of colors will complement your gray walls. In particular, the grain of the wood will add character to the room.

wooden floors is one of the best color floors
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Final Thoughts

If you opt for a dark floor with light gray walls you’ll have a brooding, slightly intense space. It’s a good idea to lighten this scheme with light-colored furniture. Although the floor and the walls are essential parts of any space, it’s the furniture that transforms the room and takes it from a nice space to a personal and desirable space. That’s worth considering before you commit to a floor color.  


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