Best Antivirus Software Options: Why to Use an Antivirus?

There always will be debates, which brand is the coolest, which is the best antivirus software that meets all criteria that makes it the perfect choice for users, and what makes a good antivirus. Moreover, there will always be comparisons between the products, like AVG vs Avast, Avast vs Microsoft Defender, Bitdefender vs Norton Security, and all that jazz. All those articles and discussions are needed to decide what is essential for you and your computer, both from a user perspective and specialist reviews, so AV vendors can take a note and improve. 
If you are new to the topic, we will try to explain it a bit and convince you that you really need the best antivirus software. Although you may be the most careful person in the world, sometimes you cannot see where the threat is hidden. Then you need support.

What is Antivirus Software?

best antivirus software
The first antivirus was designed back in the 1980s after the first viruses were created and launched. Although early malicious programs were made for fun and testing system’s possibilities, the viruses deleting data and disabling devices were rather out of hand experiment. Now new viruses and malware appear every day, and they jeopardize not only your system functionality and files existence but your privacy and protection.
AV software is designed to detect, block, and erase malware and viruses from your system. Many antivirus programs use databases to identify the signatures of malware (the distinctive feature that indicates that a program is malicious), others use a heuristic approach, learning from unusual program behavior, and some others may combine these detection methods. At the same time, the primary task of AV software is to prevent infection or neutralize it in case malware infiltrates the computer system. 
Antivirus programs fight against the most common threats. They challenge viruses that steal or delete documents from your folders or change settings as well as advanced malware like spyware, the malicious spy programs that record all your online and offline activities and transfer the data to third parties. 
Although we wish it was true, the 100% precise detection and blocking method against all malware threats don’t exist. Of course, antivirus vendors keep an eye on every nuance and updates from this area to provide you with the best choice. At the same time, you also have to be a responsible user and never trust phony emails that promise you a million dollars. 

Why Should You Have One?

If it doesn’t cover my safety for 100%, then why should I get one? That’s a great question, and we would highly recommend to see it as an additional layer of protection. You will say thank you to your past self, especially when malware and viruses become sophisticated and hidden as legit software or advertisement. 
Hundreds of websites will trick you into believing you use legit one. dozens of hundreds of adware hidden in ad banners and seemingly harmless pop-ups. One misclick, and you are a target for cybercrime

What Features Should Antivirus Have?

best antivirus software
Foremost, we would suggest learning about the brand from their words and then visit professional review websites that offer you a relevant evaluation of these products. In other words, the resources that will bring you up-to-date in the raw. 
First of all, good antivirus should provide you with real-time protection and various scanning options Needles to say, the scans should be fast and effective, without slowing down your computer performance. Many antiviruses are quite friendly for older systems, and sometimes if you have the latest version of OS, you should be paying attention to that as well.
The antivirus should have good detection rates and few false positives possibilities. Also, it is important to pay attention to independent lab testing and specialist reviews. At the same time, good antivirus should be able to deal with both Windows and macOS typical threats to prevent the infection of the system.
A VPN and firewall are the convenient bonuses that come in pro suites and protect your network connection and browsing experience. Other features may include password manager, parental control, phishing, adware, spyware protection, and many other possibilities to defend your data security. 

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