Being Outdoorsy in the Digital Era

You would imagine that the world runs in mobile devices. Think about it, 80% of the people you will spot in a crowd waiting in line for their coffee or simply waiting to get on the subway, will be on their phones. It gets worse when you imagine how conversations in a house setting almost seem to be negligible due to the amount of time people spend on their phones. However it is also interesting to note that this same tech has transformed how businesses get to their customers. 
Today, you don’t have to get out of your home to buy stuff from the store. Most if not all you need, can be available from the comfort of your sofa. You can now connect with food vendors, shop for household items, and so much more, using your phone. The online world has plenty of information that you can tap and improve your world. It is easy for people within the same location to meet and develop relationships without an initial physical meeting.

Fostering Connections Through Outdoor Events

Fostering Connections Through Outdoor Events
The digital era has led many to be slaves of their mobile devices. Often, this has led to boredom which naturally excites the desire for physical social interactions. Unlike in the past, today, it’s easy to promote and publicize an upcoming event. With people busy on their phones, organizations no longer need to spend thousands on TV commercials or bill board ads. 
Not only does the digital era allow for people to identify with such events, but it also equips them with all the information they need. This includes what the event is about, who they will meet, what they need to carry, as well as the demographics of those that will be attending. 
With just a click of a button, you can identify with all you need, pack all your essentials in a bag, and you are good to go. As a tip, investing in a customizable tote bag can be a great plus. Seeing that you can have the pockets that you need wherever you desire, this can help you to be prepared whenever an outdoor activity comes up. 

Applications And Websites That Help With Outdoor Activities

There are several applications and websites where you can learn a thing or two about outdoor adventures and spice your weekend. Some of these apps include.

  • Yonder. This app provides its users with suggestions of places to visit, with over 20,000 outdoor places to choose from. These places include states, national parks, and local areas where you can visit. What makes the application great is that its active user base gives tips, advice, and feedback about each place and what to do when you visit. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  • goFlow Sports. With this application, it is not enough to know what activities to take part in, but you also know about the weather reports for particular places. The app will update you about everything hence making it easy for you to plan for your activities in advance. Yet, this app currently supports cycling, snowsports, and various watersports too. It is also available for Android and iOS too.
  • Camping. Finding an ideal camping location can be challenging, especially if you are not an outgoing person. But, that should not be a problem once you get this app installed. It allows you to see available places on your device, then you can book reservations. With you can locate and reserve camping sites in the US forests, national parks, and other government designated recreation areas. Also, you can get reservations from any location as long as you type the correct address. You can book through the website or from your phone, however it is only available for iOS users.

Digital life is not always about being alone on your phone and other electronic devices. With the above apps, meeting with new people within your location or outside your region is easier. This means that you can build new relationshops even if you don’t engage in one-on-ones a lot. The digital era has offered more ways of doing life easily and efficiently. Connecting through outdoor events is definitely a plus for those who would otherwise not find their way around to just any social gathering. It is now easy to get all the information you need, and decide for yourself if a certain outdoor activity fits your profile.

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