4-Point Checklist: How to Become a Successful Electrician

Determining a career is a difficult task. With a variety of available to choose from, finding a future career that suits your needs and wants is challenging. 

If you’re in the market for a career change, consider becoming an electrician. 

Trade jobs provide reliable work and numerous benefits. 

Understand the responsibilities, advantages, and process of becoming an electrician to determine if it’s the ideal career path for you. 

What Does an Electrician Do?

Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems within homes, businesses, and factories. 


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There are three main electrical specialties: Residential electricians, commercial electricians, and maintenance electricians.

Regardless of an electrician’s chosen specialty, their daily responsibilities include installing wiring, lighting, equipment, and fixtures, ensuring the safety of electrical components, managing power outages, and solving electrical issues. 

To become an electrician, you must possess technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, business sense, and communication skills.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in a trade, consider how the duties, advantages, and process of becoming an electrician could prove beneficial for you and your future. 

Advantages of Becoming an Electrician 

Becoming an electrician provides numerous benefits for your career, life, and health. 

Potential advantages include:

  • Excellent salary
  • Job security
  • Intriguing work
  • Ability to be your own boss
  • Physical activity
  • Respectable career

Electricians receive a large variety of benefits, making it an optimal career choice. If you’re searching for a stable, active, and quality career, become an electrician to successfully excel in your future. 

How Do I Become an Electrician?

The process of becoming an electrician is fairly simple. By earning an education, completing training, obtaining a license, and growing your business, you can begin a successful career as an electrician. 

Follow this 4-step checklist for becoming a top-notch electrician:

Earn an Education 

To become an electrician, a certain level of education is required. 

Generally, electricians must earn a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

During your early education, it’s important to emphasize math, science, and reading classes that assist in creating a foundation for your future electrician education. 

Additionally, electricians are encouraged to pursue advanced courses, potentially from trade schools, to advance their understanding. 

Advanced courses to focus on include blueprint reading, electrical components, safety procedures, tools and equipment, and the basics of electrical systems and electricity.

Earn an education to fully comprehend the basics and important electrical concepts that’ll jumpstart your career as an electrician. 

Complete the Necessary Training

Complete the necessary training to successfully become an electrician. 

Electrician training involves hands-on experience to learn important knowledge, basic procedures, electrical components, and problem-solving skills. 


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Typically, an electrician receives training through an apprenticeship program. 

During your time as an apprentice, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the electrical business from an expert electrician through on-the-job training over a three to five year period. 

Find an electrician apprenticeship program in your area by researching online and consulting professionals. 

Ensure you meet the requirements and apply for the apprenticeship program that best suits your needs. 

Complete the necessary training required to launch your career as a skilled and knowledgeable electrician.

Obtain a License 

To officially become an electrician, you must obtain an electrical license. 

There are two types of electrical licenses: A journeyman license and a contractor license. 

Before you can earn an electrical contractor license, you must possess a journeyman license and complete a certain amount of work, typically two years’ worth.

In addition, electrical licenses come in varying levels. The subclassifications of licenses include limited, unlimited, and residential, which specify the type and extent of work an electrician can perform.

Earning an electrical license involves fulfilling certain requirements, passing multiple exams, and submitting the proper information.

Ensure you pass your exams by discovering quality study resources, such as books or prep courses, to help you prepare for success. 

After you’ve earned your electrical license, make sure you renew your license on time through electrical continuing education

Obtain an electrical license to start your career as an electrician. 

Grow Your Business

Once you’re fully trained and certified, it’s time to grow your business. 

Whether you work for an established company or start your own business, you must continually work to earn projects, gain clients, and expand your business.

To effectively grow your business, consider increasing your electrical knowledge, pursuing additional certifications, developing excellent customer service skills, and enhancing your marketing efforts.

If you neglect to actively grow your company, you’ll lose clients, miss out on certain projects, and eventually diminish your overall business.  

Ensure you succeed by discovering methods for growing your business. 

Learn about the daily responsibilities and advantages of becoming an electrician to determine if it’s the perfect career path for you. 

If you’re interested in launching your career as an electrician, follow this 4-point checklist to guarantee success. 

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