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11 Tips to Makeover Your Bathroom With Removable Wallpaper

Bathrooms are the perfect rooms to decorate with wallpaper. Why? First, they are small and dramatic wallpapers will not look odd. Using bold wallpapers in larger spaces may have a bit of an awkward effect. Secondly, bathrooms are creative spaces, and wallpaper adds to the unique feeling of the room. Finally, using wallpaper enables you to lend your bathroom a sense of style. Whether you want a subtle or bold look, you can easily decorate your bathroom with a few moves.

Should you use wallpaper in your bathroom?

A resounding yes! However, if your bathroom tends to be very humid, the wallpaper effect may not last long. Make sure the ventilation is right, and you will be good to go. If you have concerns about whether the wallpaper will stick, you can always start with a sample and see how it goes.

How can you use wallpaper in your bathroom?

To Create Focus

Every room has a focal point, and the bathroom is not any different. Say, for example, that your cabinets are the most enchanting spots in the room. In this case, you can use easy to remove wallpaper around the cabinets. Then, as people’s eyes glaze over the wallpaper, they will be drawn to the cabinetry. Two birds with one stone!

To Create a Color Scheme

While you can always create a color scheme with tiles, using geometric peel and stick wallpaper is more effective. You can choose specific spots where the wallpaper can stand out more. For example, if you are going for a black and white theme, you can use white fittings and black wallpaper. The wallpaper can even have both white and black accents for the perfect combo.

To Protect Surfaces

Did you know that wallpaper is very durable? In high-traffic areas like bathrooms, this longevity works to your advantage. In addition, the wallpaper can work in protecting surfaces that would otherwise get damaged from constant wear and tear. Here is the interesting part- you can always wash the wallpaper! 

To Enhance Wood Paneling

Wallpaper and wood often work great together and help transform your space into a contemporary setting. First, you can position the wallpaper in higher areas to avoid damaging it with water. Then, you can add the wood panels on the lower sections closer to the tub and other plumbing fixtures. You can also use paper to frame some of the features in the room.

To Add Some Color

Is your bathroom monochrome? A simple look is always elegant. However, if you want to add a touch of hue to your space, it might be time to get colorful wallpaper. From tropical designs to plain bright colors down to patterned wallpaper, the options are endless. You can always find something that can add to your space without taking over the whole room.

To Complement the Paint

Wallpaper does not have to compete with existing patterns and fittings. Instead, it can blend in and add something small to the room. For example, if you already have pink cabinetry and walls, you can choose to work with pink wallpaper to match the theme. If you have not painted the bathroom yet, you can start by choosing wallpaper and painting the bathroom a similar color. Sometimes, seamlessness might be what your bathroom needs!

To Make Rooms Bigger

People often rely on color to adjust the size of a room. Darker colors make rooms feel smaller, while brighter hues make rooms feel much bigger than they are. Wallpapers work like paint, and you can use their colors to show off room sizes. For example, you can work with big and bold colors and patterns to create a dominating look in the room. For an even better effect, ensure that the wallpaper matches the tiles to create seamlessness. Alternatively, you can create a busy section in the bathroom by using disruptive patterns.

To Add Reflection

Have you ever noticed how mirrors make rooms feel bigger? This trick also works with wallpaper. Instead of using only a bright patterned wallpaper, add some reflection to it. For example, you can go with paper with a bit of silvery or golden patterns that allow light to bounce off them. That way, even with one window serving the bathroom, the overall reflection of light will make the room feel airy. If you can get a foiled wallpaper, it will increase the effect.

To Elongate Walls

Are your walls looking a bit too short? It is a common problem in smaller bathrooms. However, a bit of wallpaper should be what you need to make the walls even more attractive. Add wallpaper to the top of the wall or even go for floor-to-ceiling layering. The eyes will be drawn to the elongated aspect of the paper and will make the wall’s length much less of a feature.

To Hide Fixtures and Fittings

Do you have some spots in the bathroom that you would like to hide? Maybe you have some exposed plumbing or electrical works that make the room look unfinished. Wallpaper can take care of this for you in two ways. You can use the wallpaper directly over the spots, ensuring that anyone looking that way cannot see the unattractive features. Alternatively, you can use the wallpaper to highlight the best features in the room. People’s eyes will be too distracted by the wallpaper to notice the unsightly fixtures on the other end.

To Enhance Shelves

Some shelves tend to have a basic appearance. While this works well with some décor, it might make your bathroom feel or look a little too average. If you feel you need that extra oomph, how about accentuating the shelves with some wallpaper? Add wallpaper to the walls surrounding the shelves and in between the open shelves. A little layering will be enough to add aesthetic appeal to these functional spaces.

Here is a helpful tip when choosing wallpaper- go with something that speaks to your style or experiences. A bathroom is a special room, and you spend hours on end in it. Therefore, its functionality is as important as its attractiveness. Think about what the wallpaper means to you and if this ties in with your goal for the bathroom. Do not hesitate to choose something different.

Enjoy your DIY bathroom decoration!

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