Balustrade and Why Is It Important For Safety in Your Home?

A balustrade is effectively a barrier that prevents you from accidentally going past it. The term sounds impressive but you’ll actually find them everywhere. Balustrades surround pools, staircases, and terraces. 
They are not a new invention! In fact, balustrades have been depicted in images referring to the 13th century, although it is likely a more primitive form of them existed before this. 
Today, there are many different styles of balustrade to choose from:


Glass balustrades are very popular as they allow you to see through them, providing you with fantastic views or simply the opportunity to keep an eye on your children. However, it is important to choose a reputable supplier of glass balustrades in Sydney as you’ll want the glass to be up to code. This ensures it will offer the protection you need it to.
glass balustrade


Metal balustrades also allow some visibility and they can be created in a wide variety of shapes and styles. You’ll have seen these on many buildings, the same principle is used to create metal fencing and railings.
Metal is also very strong, making it potentially the most secure form of a balustrade.


Wood is a popular choice for houses and tree-houses where wood has been used to make a balcony. It’s also the most common form of a balustrade on decking platforms. Wood s natural and can be stained virtually any color, allowing it to blend perfectly with your project.


Cement is the more traditional form of a balustrade. This is what you frequently see on old houses lining the staircases and balconies. It is also very strong and can be created in a wide variety of shapes and styles. But, you’ll need professional help to create a symmetrical look.

The Role of Balustrades

The primary role of balustrades is protection. They generally go around balconies and other high platforms. There is a risk of falling and injury, the balustrade prevents anyone from accidentally falling, although it’s not usually impossible to get over them.
Balustrades around pools also offer protection, preventing children and unwanted visitors from getting into the pool and potentially having an accident or drowning.
The secondary role of balustrades is to create a look. They are generally created to reflect the look and image of the house they are in or outside.
As there are so many different versions and styles of balustrades they can be an effective way to make a statement and create your personal mark. You’ll want to take your time choosing the right one.
Of course, balustrades don’t last forever. Cement gets old and starts to crack, metal rusts, and wood can rot. Glass is generally the safest in the long term. It’s important to be aware of this because people will lean on a balustrade, if it’s not properly secured that can cause an accident. For this reason, it’s essential that you maintain your balustrades properly and quickly deal with any issues. 

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