How To Balance Work And Life

Indeed, the blessings of modern-day technology are as far as the mind can stretch. But the “being one call away” motto has introduced never-ending work hours. The constantly hanging danger of losing your job compels you to check your phone and email every few hours.
But what is that we can do to achieve work-life balance?

Balance Work And Life
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Somewhere along with the constant ringing of the phone and beeping of the notifications, we all lose our quality time in life. But it is never too late to turn the tables around. Here are some work-life balance tips for employees that will give you direction in your quest.

Learn To Settle For What Is Possible

The nefarious cycle of perfection never leaves us. Maybe you picked it up from a hobby as a kid or being a star child of the class. But as you grow up, keeping up with your expectations of perfectionism falls farther and farther out of reach.
This constant pursuit costs you your job, your relationships, your self-time, and even your health. It is alarming how many people are overworking weekly and suffering without knowing it.
Cutting back on your commitments is not a way to go, but learning to settle for what you can do is what you should start. Chances are that the assignment you think is short of being perfect is going to be loved by your employer since you gave it your best.

The Airplane Mode, Use It

How many times have you been at a game or performance of your child and barely noticed because of the constant dings from your work?
Checking your phone and emails constantly is a good way to build a rapport, but not worth your quality time. Whenever out with friends or family, try putting your phone on silent if not the airplane mode. You will definitely have a much better time and many warm conversations.
For the worries, what’s the worst that could happen when you’ve switched off the carrier? The world is not going to go topsy turvy in an hour. Whatever it is, it can probably wait another hour or so. 

Cut Off Depletes You Energy

We often make several commitments despite having a load of work to do, why? Is it because of peer pressure or have we grown into the much-feared people-pleasers?
If going out for a night of drinking with your friends is going to take up your hours of quality sleep then say your goodbyes and leave. It is not being selfish, it is just you looking out for yourself. And then again, it isn’t like you won’t have another night to hang out with your friends again. Give priority to work where it deserves.

Make Time For Yourself 

It comes as no surprise knowing that exercise is the most essential part of our life. And yet is the very first thing to lose its spot on our schedule when everything becomes tight.
Do your research or ask the experts, everyone is going to advise you the same. A minimum of 3 hours of activity during a week and a good night’s sleep for recovery. 
During several studies conducted, exercise helps release endorphins that are responsible for calming the nerves and relieving stress. Maybe change your unwinding mantra from drinking every night to going out for a walk. 
The more physical activity you introduce to your routine, the more composed, focused, and energetic you will feel. Taking out time for yourself from your schedule is always going to benefit you. And if getting a move on seems to be too much of an effort then try meditating.
Meditation and mindfulness go a long way into the history of healing the mind and body. Stretching and having a relaxing massage is also going to relieve all the tension. Plus, it gives you an accomplished feeling of having cared for yourself in a day.

Take Control Of Your Diet

Watching your diet also falls under the umbrella of work-life balance importance. What we eat truly reflects our energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and mood for the day. Ever noticed a heavy feeling in your chest when you had too many fats or oils in breakfast?
Having a fulfilling breakfast of slow-digestive food items will give you sufficient energy for the day. And planning your day ahead with healthy snacks that are strictly portioned will have you hungry for the next meal. 
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Ending Thoughts

I know how pulling on the chords of work and life at the same time can be tiring at times. But one can’t let go of either, can they?
It is always fruitful to have a fish-eye glance into your life and see what needs changing. Because good rarely comes without a significant change.

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