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‘We are in the endgame now’. These are the words, that everyone thought to be just mere lines to make the ‘snapping’ sound more dramatic. Little did we know that this line had the title of the last Avengers film. Just yesterday, the world was blessed with the trailer of the new Avengers movie. And, as the image above states, the film will now be released in April, 2019. With the trailer, we also got to know that the Marvel movie will be titled, Avengers: Endgame.

The trailer, however, excited the fans as well as made them feel depressed. It is one of the highly awaited movies ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline was released. Those were the phases where 10 years of hard work and story lines would bring them together for this moment. The goose bumps level is higher than ever and knowing how Marvel planned in bringing some of the comic characters to the big screen paid off, it has synchronized perfectly. This will be regarded as one of the best franchises in Hollywood for centuries and it is all thanks to one of the legendary men in Hollywood – Stan Lee.

He was one of the geniuses and main creators in bringing the characters that we love ever since we were small. If it wasn’t for him and his creations, we would not have the awesomely consistent movies from the MCU. With severe sickness on and off, he made cameos in every Marvel movie and it’s just unfortunate that he won’t be there to see the results of Avengers: Endgame. However, seeing how the movies have progressed, Stan Lee would expect but positive reactions and results from the Russo Brothers.

It is, without a doubt, safe to say that Marvel has surpassed expectations by releasing one of its darkest trailers. As mentioned above, the trailer left the fans with lot of depression, especially the way it started. If you haven’t watched the Endgame trailer already, you must make it a point to because you don’t want to miss any important details. This is Marvel’s way of ending the phase with the bang and the trailer lived up to the hype, all 2:36 of it.

When you have read countless fan theories, heard many interviews, read tweets and see concept arts, it gets entirely nerve-wracking to find out that a lot of them were false, including statements made by the directors. Hints and ideas from the teams as well as sneak peeks were not enough to tell the fans everything from the trailer. Well, there were some shockers that you may have not heard from any fan theory.

As we all know that the cast hasn’t changed much since Avengers: Infinity War, but as Black Widow states, the entire population is now just half. That’s what Thanos did when he infamously snapped his fingers. Now, if you watched Infinity War, quite a few numbers of the Avengers were also wiped out. This led to some eyebrows being raised when the trailer mentioned a couple of names that were termed as “missing”. In that list, Shuri, the genius behind her brother’s, Black Panther aka T’Challa, many gadgets and suit was mentioned.

Nevertheless, just remember nobody was termed as dead but disappeared. Well, except for Vision and Loki.

With some deductions, there were some additions like Hawkeye’s rogue character, Ronin, and Ant-Man. Now, the reason why Ant-Man is an addition is because of two very important reasons. The first being that he is now no more under house arrest and the second, he was in another dimension after his sequel.

There is a lot of darkness in terms of experience because anyone would feel angry and depressed that their best buddy isn’t with them and went away all of a sudden. However, we all await the next trailer where we can learn more about Thanos’ whereabouts, the Avengers’ and other characters including how Captain Marvel will make her appearance after Marvel produced a badass trailer.

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