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Benefits And Affordable Alternatives Of Longboard Siding

architects use longboard cladding and soffit for their buildings because it’s low maintenance and requires little to no maintenance. If you want maintenance-free siding and soffit, a longboard is the perfect replacement for real wood. 

Longboard gives a classy, modern appearance to homes & buildings by providing designs in wood grain or solid colours, along with a channel or v-groove profile.

What is the Purpose of Longboarding?

  • The boards are available in 22 wood grain finishes with a full color selection of powder-coating colours
  • Anti-graffiti finish.
  • Neither rots, warps, peels or fades over time
  • Can be recycled
  • Powder coatings certified by AAMA 2604 showcase a 500% improvement in colour and gloss retention over AAMA 2603.

How Much Does It Cost?

Compared to other longboard siding products, Longboard is more expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment and a great investment over the long run. Based on the options and products selected, the cost of the materials will range between $14.00 and $18.00 per square foot. 

Longboard produced a cost savings of over $22,000 in lifetime maintenance when compared to wood based on an average home of 4,000 square feet. Think about wood looks without the yearly maintenance requirements of staining, painting, and repairing.

Affordable Alternatives Of Longboard Siding

You will spend a significant amount of money on house siding, if not the biggest and most expensive purchase you will make for your house. The labor costs associated with siding installation drive up the total cost since siding is typically installed by contractors. 

It is often difficult to determine material costs for siding on the retail market as well, since prices can be difficult to calculate. However, there are some siding types that are better for different types of houses.


Because plywood siding comes in large sheets, it is easy to install. A popular choice for budget siding, plywood is relatively inexpensive. It is different from plywood used for sheds because siding is made of exterior grade plywood. 

Shiplapped edges provide a tightly-fitting fit when installed on exterior plywood siding for homes. Exterior plywood siding is rough-sawn and textured with a rough, textured appearance.

Fiber Cement.

Siding made from fiber-cement is one of the best options you can use on your house. It is fire-retardant and durable. Wood siding has the appearance of real wood, and tends to sell for more when sold. Fibre-cement siding consists of 85% cement-like materials and 15% cellulose fibers.  


The installation of vinyl siding is quick and inexpensive. Vinyl siding is often criticized for its lack of heat and energy efficiency and its flimsiness, as well as some of these criticisms have merit. Although vinyl siding is less expensive than most other siding options, it is still a good choice.


The use of aluminum siding, popular in the early 20th century, eventually became synonymous with cheap and shoddy materials in renovated houses, so it lost its popularity. A new and improved method of aluminum siding is now available. With improvements in textures and joints, aluminum is now more appealing to some homeowners than it was in the past.

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