All You Need To Know About Erik Per Sullivan In 2020

Erik Per Sullivan is a former US actor, whose career began when he was a boy. It’s well known for his role in “Malcolm in the Middle,” a popular sitcom TV series that airs on Fox. For 151 episodes he appeared on the show. Erick Per Sullivan made more contributions in films and TV shows following his success with “Malcolm in the middle,” leading to his removal in 2010. The net value of Erik Per Sullivan is $5 million, as estimated in year 2020.

Erik Per Sullivan Biography

Erik Per Sullivan was born on 12 July 1991 in Worcester, MA. Born in Sweden, his mother became a US resident by naturalization in 2007. While attending Mount Saint Charles School, he moved to the Phillips Exeter Academy. In 2009, he started his career at South Carolina University. He also took part in the KD College acting courses. The young people enjoyed Saxophone and Tae Kwon Do, with a black belt. He has a wide range of interests. Fred, the boss, has a Mexican restaurant called The Alamo in Massachusetts. As a single child, he grew up.

Eric Per Sullivan Career
About Erik Per Sullivan

In the 1998 film “Armageddon” the debut of the young actor took place. Followed by Fuzzy’s role in ‘ The Rules of the Cider House ‘. In 2000, in an episode of “Wonderland”, Sullivan appeared. The big delay was when he became the star in the 2000 hit TV series “Malcolm in the Middle,” which was Dewey Wilkerson’s role. The series ran until 2006, with 151 episodes featuring a young child star. He’s an iconic TV star, and while he isn’t the main protagonist, his image loves fans and Dewey is many favorites.
Additionally, Erik, the actor, appeared in the “Black of Life” television show “Meatball Finkelstein,” and provided his speech to Fork. He portrayed Little Joe Dirt in 2001 in the movie “Joe Dirt.” Then that same year, the film “Wendigo” debuted. The next 2002, in the film “Unfaithful” as Charlie Sumner, as well as in a popular sitcom “The King of Queens” he starred in his place of work. As the actor Spike Frohmeyer starred in 2004 in “Christmas with the Kranks”, and in 2006 in a TV show “Come on Over” Erik played Young Luis. 
He put the lead character in the film “Mo” the next year in 2007. Then in the 2010 film “Twelve,” he portrayed Timmy. In 2003, in “Find Nemo,” he provided his voice to Sheldon’s character. In a 2006 film “Arthur and the Invisibles”. He even provided his speech to Mino.

Erik Sullivan Net Worth

Erik Per Sullivan is an ex-actor who has a 5 million dollars net worth, according to Forbes. He is still very young and has a good career behind him already. He is globally renowned and famous thanks to the complete 7-season run on “Malcolm in the Middle.” He has a bright future ahead, a productive and award-winning kid artist. While he has retired almost a decade ago, at only 27 years old, he still has a bright future ahead of him.

Erik Sullivan Relationships

Erik Per Sullivan, like most star men, is trying to keep his private relationship and personal life, so often check back when we refresh this page with news and rumors on dating. He had a relationship at least once before. It has not been done before Erik Per Sullivan. In addition to Daveigh Chase, Erik Per Sullivan (2009). We are actively searching for information on previous events and contacts.
Erik Per Sullivans ‘ dating background may differ online rumors. Although figuring out who Erik Per Sullivan dates are relatively simple, monitoring all his flings, crook-ups and break-ups is complicated. Each popular dating website and relationship schedule is even more difficult to keep up to date.
So to be precise, Erik Per Sullivan is currently single at the age of 28 years.

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