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A Guide to Setting Up the Coolest Airbnb Rentals

Airbnb reported revenues of about $1.3 billion in the second quarter of 2021 alone. The number is expected to keep growing as more people get vaccinated for Covid-19 and are able to travel more freely for business or leisure  

You too can get a slice of these amazing revenues if you have some extra space in your home or a holiday home that you do not use for most of the year. All you have to do is make such spaces cozy enough to attract guests that need a place to stay during their trips. 

Are you ready to start hosting? Come along and let’s have a look at how you can make your Airbnb spaces a guest magnet. 

Choose an Inviting Aesthetic 

Airbnb spaces are marketed using images on the Airbnb platform. As such, the decor in your rental spaces will be crucial to your success. 

Begin by picturing the kind of guests you would like to attract to your accommodations. Are you aiming for honeymooners, tourists, or people on business trips? This will help you choose and execute an aesthetic that would appeal to their needs.

Additionally, consider other factors such as whether you would like to make your spaces pet-friendly. This will likely influence some of the decor choices you make in terms of furniture and whether or not you can have 

any greenery indoors. 

Keep in mind that when your Airbnb becomes popular, it is likely to experience high usage. So, aim for an aesthetic that is easy to maintain and quality decor pieces that are durable. 

Keep it Cozy

The idea behind Airbnb hosting is to offer people a home away from home. Subsequently, try to equip your guest spaces in the same way you would if you were hosting friends and family.

Should you offer your guests a fully stocked fridge? Probably not. However, simple touches like bottled water, some fresh fruit, or snacks would certainly be a nice gesture.

Speaking of robes, do invest in great linens. Cotton sheets with a decent thread count, for example, could work well because they are comfortable, durable, and do not tend to spark allergies. Stock up on towels and some basic toiletries too. 

Use decor items such as art, area rugs, and vases to make your spaces feel cozy. Aim for great lighting too to set the right kind of ambiance. COB LED strips, for example, would be a great option to consider as they are available in white light and warm light variations. 

Offer Some Entertainment 

Most guests enjoy Airbnbs where they can unwind and catch their favourite shows or have music playing in the background as they work. As such, a home entertainment system, a good wifi connection, and Netflix access would all be a major plus. 

Still, not everyone is a movie buff or keen on bopping to the latest jams. Some guests may enjoy the charm of books and board games instead. Try and provide them if you can.

Provide Enough Storage

Closets, drawers, and storage shelves allow guests to unpack and settle in. Adequate storage is, therefore, essential in all your rental spaces. 

If you are pressed for space, get creative with your storage solutions. For example, a set of fun-colored stackable plastic crates would offer lots of storage space but only take up a small section in a room. You can even have them custom-made using a unique plastic crate mold such that they open in the front like a drawer. 

On the other hand, your guests may require more secure storage for their cash, valuables, and crucial documents like passports. Consider investing in small home safes for each of the private rooms or apartments that you will be using to host. They may help put guests’ minds at ease and save you the headache of having to deal with claims of lost items. 

Feel Free to Dare

When most people think of an airbnb, they think of a nice charming house or apartment. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with that but there is also no major wow factor to it. 

So, do not be afraid to dare and try something completely different from the norm. 

Do you have an old house boat? Why not renovate it and use that as your hosting space? Other ideas such as glamping Airbnbs or well-appointed tree houses could equally make your premises the go-to destination. The idea here is to go beyond just offering great accommodation by adding an experiential factor for guests. 


One of the greatest charms of becoming an Airbnb host is that once you have it all set up, you can begin earning a passive income as you pursue other passions. Interacting with different guests could also open you up to a whole world of new experiences. Are there risks to it? Of course there are but, like with most risks in business, they can be mitigated. So, why not try your hand at it and see where it leads?

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