7 Simple Steps to Better Social Media Marketing

73% of marketers say social media marketing has been effective for their business. 80 million plus Facebook Business Pages also seem to echo same sentiment, that better social media marketing is good for business.
With billions of monthly active users, social media is the new China, where billions of producers and consumers of social media content are creating the biggest marketplace yet.
Social media marketing involves activities like sharing of

  • blog posts,
  • photos,
  • videos,
  • memes,
  • GIFs,
  • gifts, etc

and anything that can help to increase brand presence, visibility and reach using social media.

In this post we’ll be highlighting 7 simple ways to ace social media marketing like a pro, but before that let’s see some important social media facts:

  • There are 3.196 billion social media users
  • Facebook alone has over 2 billion monthly active users
  • 80 million Facebook Business Pages exist
  • Over 6 million SMBs actively advertise on Facebook
  • There are 5.135 billion mobile phone users, many of whom spend hours on social media
  • Between 2017 & 2018, there was 13% global increase in social media usage,
  • YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the top 3 choices for US teens
  • 85% of US teens love YouTube and 72% love Instagram, etc.

And here are some more important social media marketing stats.
Following are:

Steps To Better Social Media Marketing

  • Provide Stellar Customer Support

63% of customers are expecting companies to provide customer support on their social media channels.
Others reported they just wanted to know more about a product with over 54% of social browsers resorting to social media to find out more about a product before making a buying decision.
To stay relevant via social media marketing businesses need to provide stellar customer support on their various social platforms, answering questions and engaging customers appropriately.
One, effective customer engagement earns you points with social media search algorithms, shooting your profile topwards. Two, it is one proven method of increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Source and Show Reviews

You should actively seek reviews. One way to do that is to ask nicely. Most customers will be happy to write a review especially after a good purchase, brand or customer experience.
Display such reviews (positive and negative) everywhere you can; on your feed, bio, status and wherever people can easily sight them.
Reviews are invaluable to your marketing efforts. In fact, in a recent 2017 survey 85% of consumers said they trusted reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.
Another report claims displaying reviews can increase conversation rates by 270%.

  • Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gained traction over the years. Social media influencers are people with lots of followers on social media ranging from a few thousand to millions.
Most influencers advertise for brands and companies with products or services that align with their audience’s taste. This is very important.
Some followers find them trustworthy and easier to reach than say, celebrities. Hence they more easily trust them and their recommendations.
59% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets over the next 12 months a study says.

  • Try Paid Advertising

Paid advertising as a social media marketing strategy pays. Expertly executed, it can yield positive returns by giving you maximum visibility.
One good thing about social media paid ads is they can be relatively inexpensive and cheaper than more traditional print medium such as billboards or flyers.
Facebook remains a market leader so it’s only natural most marketers concentrate their efforts on Facebook ads, although instagram analytics is gaining more traction everyday as the fastest growing social media network.

Paid ads lets you fine tune each ad to target a specific niche or audience, based on their location, gender and other demographic data.
With this you can easily reach millions on a small budget.

  • Maximize the Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to social media.
It makes it easier to search and find virtually anything on social media sites. With them you can find communities, follow trends, create contests (which by the way is a great way to engage your followers on social media), and of course be able to create/manage brand and company specific hashtags for your business.
Take advantage of hashtags, every good marketer is doing the same and all the top brands too, Instagram hashtags to be specific.
Instagram boasts a rich and active hashtag collection; they’re engaging, interactive and in their millions. You can even follow a hashtag to be able to see all its latest posts.
There are a lot of resources out there that can help you understand and effectively use hashtags for your business.

  • Use Live Videos

People are actively watching live videos. Some big names like Samsung are taking advantage of it too, unveiling new products and what not.
A lot of social media users find it intriguing to receive information first hand, and to engage with a business on a human level via live videos.
Since live streaming allows commenting and hence interaction, it creates a strong bond between you and the customer.
Just who wants to watch live videos you may ask? Well according to 80% of people would rather watch a live stream from a brand than read a blog post.

  • Keep it Simple, and Short

Have you heard of Eugene the egg? It’s a world record breaking photo of an egg posted on Instagram that took the internet by storm.
The photo of the egg broke the world record for most liked post on Instagram with over 50 million likes. It even got its account verified, how did this happen?
Well for starters it went viral, but the real underlying secret of the egg (or rather, those behind the account) was its ability to seamlessly communicate information.
It kept it simple, here’s the post from the @world_record_egg’s Instagram page:
“Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million). We got this.”
Now that’s a clever post if you ask me, simple action packed and straight to the point.
The way you present your posts on social media matters. People tend to scroll past lengthy posts than actually read through.
So try to keep it simple, short, and clear enough that a baby can read and grasp it.

In Conclusion

Social media is a great place to connect and conduct commerce. This singular quality has made it into what it is today for users and businesses.
With billions of monthly active users and hundreds of millions of businesses, social media is a great leveller. Just remember to:

  1. Provide stellar customer support
  2. Source and show reviews
  3. Use influencers
  4. Try paid advertising
  5. Maximize the use of hashtags
  6. Use live videos
  7. Keep it simple and short

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