7 Best Gift Ideas for Your Father-in-law

Let’s face it; buying for a gift for your father-in-law can be quite tricky. After all, most dads seem to have everything they need under the sun (well, that may be an overstatement but you get the point)!

This time around skip that ugly baseball hat or oversized t-shirt, and give your dad-in-law something that he’ll genuinely like, and love you more for it.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered: here are 7 best gift ideas you can give your father-in-law and finally get his approval. Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, the holidays or just because, there’s something for every occasion.

(1) Customized Star Map

Have you got a stargazer father-in-law in your hands? Whether he’s into astronomy or not, give him this custom star map to commemorate a precious moment in his life. Whether that’s the day he was born, when he proposed to your mother-in-law, the time he scored a touchdown, his wedding day, or any other unforgettable event in his life.

All you’ve to do is pick the date & location of the event, and Twinkle In Time will deliver to you an 18” x 24” printed map of stars as they were exactly in the night sky on that particular moment in time and place. It also lets you add a personalized message to make it genuinely personal to your father-in-law.

It’s a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day, his retirement, the holidays, his birthday, or 30th anniversary.

(2) Handy Health Test Kit

It’s the thought that counts the most as far as finding the perfect gift for your father-in-law is concerned. And what could be more important than giving him the gift of wellness and peace of mind?

This season, give your spouse’s dad an at-home blood test kit from imaware™. This will allow him to self-screen for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Celiac Disease right from the comfort of his own home. These are the two most common autoimmune disorders that are characterized by joint pain, joint stiffness, swelling, and digestive issues like constipation and abdominal pain.

While these conditions can have far-reaching health consequences if left untreated, early diagnosis and treatment can do wonders. imaware™ at-home tests are pain-free, simple, and can be done in less than five minutes!

(3) A Practical, Reusable Water Bottle that Looks Great – Kool8

Everyone could use a handy water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day no matter where you are. If your fitness fanatic father-in-law is also a social-conscious and eco-friendly champion, then the  Kool8 bottle will thoroughly impress him.

Crafted from industrial-grade stainless steel and 100% vacuum-insulated, Kool8 water bottle is not only practical and stylish but also manly to boot. Besides, it’s BPA-free, holds up to 18 ounces of fluid, and uses advanced temperature controls to keep cool drinks cold up to 24 hours.

Your father-in-law will love that Kool8 is not just leak-proof, lightweight and very compact, but also that it comes with a tea-infuser. So, if he’s an avid tea lover, he will flip over this bottle. Let’s not forget that 20% of the profits go to a water charity.

(4) Garmin Forerunner 645

If he is a gadget guru and into marathon running, then this Garmin smartwatch will blow his socks off. Garmin Forerunner 645 is a music watch, running companion, fitness tracker, and heart rate monitor, all wrapped in one sleek-looking device.

The step counter and fitness tracker on this gizmo will inspire your dad-in-law to make 2019 the fittest year yet. When he’s not jogging, running or breaking a sweat in the gym, he can count on this smartwatch to answer his phone calls, manage his calendar, and text his friends — it’ll even let him make contactless payments!

However you look at it, this gift will make his favourite son-in-law. It’s such a versatile gift that it was featured on CoolThingsChicago’s birthday buying guide here.

(5) ROMANTICIST 20pc Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set

You know your father-in-law grills a mean burger, and this 20-piece stainless steel BBQ grill tool set by Romanticist will get his adrenaline pumped up. Whether he’s a pitmaster or a casual griller, this gift will certainly take his grilling to a whole new level.

The set includes 8 corn holders, 4 skewers, pepper & salt shaker, grill brush, basting brush, tongs, forks, and a spatula. What more could he ask for? And the best part is that the whole set costs under 25 bucks; you can’t get a better deal than this!

(6) VIKTOR JURGEN Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Back or neck pain can adversely affect your father-in-law’s quality of life. If this is the case, this Viktor Jurgen Shiatsu neck and back massager is what the doctor prescribed. The belt is equipped with heating balls that deliver deep kneading shiatsu massages to loosen tight muscles, soothe tired tissue, and massage hidden muscles behind your neck and in his shoulder and back.

The massager is quite compact and portable, so your father-in-law will take it to his long cross-country trips, fishing expeditions, and whatnot. GiftWits recommends the massager as one of the best 30th anniversary gifts.

(7) Omron HeartGuide

Named the best pedometer of 2019 by HealthCareWeekly, Omron HeartGuide is a step counter, blood pressure taker, and fitness tracker, all rolled into a handy smartwatch.

If your father-in-law is hypertensive or just needs to watch his health vitals, this wrist-worn pedometer can help take his blood pressure on the go.

Not just that – Omron HeartGuide can track his sleep quality & patterns, monitor his health & fitness, and count his calorie intake and distance covered. It comes with a beautiful LCD screen that displays all these data sets. Plus, it can link up with his smartphone via a companion app.

The best news is that he can send this health and fitness information over to his doctor. This way, he can get professional advice on how to stay on top of his health and well-being.

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