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6 Common Places to Find Mold in Your House

Mold is a common fungus that grows anywhere the conditions are favorable for its growth. In houses where moisture content is very high, mold growth is high as well. When mold grows on various surfaces, they start to multiply rapidly. Therefore, after some time you can see the patches in the affected areas. People with mold allergies can easily smell musty odor faster than others making it easier to locate mold growing nearby. Many key indicators help in mold growth. So, proper ventilation in the house is a healthy way of preventing mold growth in the house, among others that are avoidable. Below are common places where you can find mold in the house.



Bathrooms and bathtubs are one of the common places you can find mold if not dried properly after use. The presence of water leakages from the water pipes in the bathroom will enhance the growth of this type of fungus. Due to the constant use of the bathroom, this area tends to be wet all the time. Therefore, the lack of proper ventilation is a key factor for mold spores to thrive rapidly. Most mold is not visible to the human eye, so be sure to do a bathroom thorough cleaning every once in a while. Also, leaving the bathroom door open after a shower, will help reduce the risks of having mold. Ensure wet cloths, towels, loofahs, and shower curtains are drying out every once in a while too.

The Sink & Toilets

Stagnant water and moisture on toilet surfaces and sinks make these areas prone to mold growth. If there is no proper cleaning or drying done in these places, they are the most noticeable places to check for mold growth. One should also check the toothpaste and toothbrush counters, behind the toilet area and the tank of the toilet. Underneath the toilet sink, if there is a water leakage there, mold tends to thrive in such areas where there is moisture present. Storing of toilet cleaning supplies should be in cabinets with good ventilation. This is to prevent any excess moisture left when using the supplies which can facilitate mold growth. The pipes found under the toilet sink and plate should be checked occasionally due to water leakages. 

The kitchen 

The kitchen

The kitchen is a prime area for mold to grow quickly. For instance, easily forgetting dirty dishes that pile up in the kitchen sink, offers a good environment for mold growth. Stagnant water that is not drying up at the kitchen sink after you wash dishes is also a major contributor. Mold tends to grow in and around the kitchen drainage sometimes, making it difficult to clear it out. The help of AWA Environmental New York might be vital here in case the mold causes blockages. Underneath the kitchen sink, leaky pipes are a major conducive place for mold to thrive. Poor kitchen ventilation can easily cause rapid growth of mold too. Therefore, this area tends to have very high moisture content. If a garbage disposal is not done frequently, such an area will easily harbor mold growth. Wet sponges that sit on the sink or kitchen faucets and keep on leaking offer a conducive environment for mold to thrive as well.

The Mattress

Finding mold on your mattress is a frightening thought. Sleeping on a mattress that is in a poor condition, is harmful to someone’s health and can be the cause of one developing breathing problems. All it takes to create a mold on the mattress is excess humidity and a surface for the mold to grow. Otherwise, make sure your mattress underside stays cool and dry. A good bed frame is the best as this ensures proper ventilation all around the mattress area. The household humidity should be low at all times. Also, lack of aeration of a mattress once in a while can easily provide a breeding ground for mold growth. Thus, invest in a mold-resistant mattress, although these kinds of mattresses tend to be a bit pricey but worth it. Nevertheless, this is the best solution for bedwetting children as the mold-resistant mattress does not trap excess moisture.

In The Walls And on The Floor

In the walls and on the floor

Walls with leakages tend to trap high moisture content providing a very high breeding ground for mold to grow. Carpets are also known to harbor mold and mostly if they are not clean as they should be. Under carpeting that may have become wet also provides a very good surface for mold to grow. Mold-resistant carpets are the best carpets for one to use to carpet their floors. These carpets can hold no moisture content in them. Floors need proper cementing, tiling, and painting with anti-mold paint to prevent mold growth. Walls and floors that have cracks mostly collect water in them and therefore offer an ideal place for mold to grow. 



Windows and window sills in the home are prone to mold spores because of very high moisture retaining capacity. Mold mostly feed off such surfaces, so keeping these places clean and dry is a very important aspect for keeping mold at bay. Windows that are not fitting properly in the window sills tend to have humidity problems. Once they collect moist air in the indoor window sill you are certain to have a mold problem. 

In summary, it is important to consider the above places as you keep your house free of mold. Mold can be harmful to people’s health and mostly to vulnerable people with respiratory issues and asthma. Ensure the mold professionals come in to help with the mold removal once the mold is growing in a certain area in your household. Although there is a DIY mold kit that a person can try to use if mold contamination is not in a large area. Mold is usually everywhere and since one cannot control their exposure in public places, it is important to take measures to prevent and remove in their households.

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