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3 Unique Ideas for Black Bedroom Decor

Black is the most elegant colour and it comes as no surprise that you are thinking about using it for your bedroom walls or accessories. It is a dark colour, but it is not impossible to make it work with some interior design tips and tricks. If you are ready to experiment and move away from classic white walls and airy mood, black bedroom decor can really make a statement. If you think this style is only for people who are eccentric and unpredictable, you can’t be more wrong. Just as a little black dress is a must-have for every woman, black is the essential colour for every sophisticated bedroom design. Check out our 3 bedroom ideas on how to incorporate this magnificent colour into your bedroom style.

Jet Black Walls 

Jet Black Walls 
If you want to set the sensual mood, black walls speak for themselves. It is definitely the biggest change when you really go all out. This particular paint colour gives off a moody vibe and transforms plain walls into a chic and elegant statement walls. Of course, if you opt for jet black walls, stylish accessories are there to break the monotony and enliven the space. For instance, golden mirror frames or light terracotta colour of the pillows contrasts the walls perfectly and accentuate its deep shade. You can paint the walls without painting the ceiling, choose a dark grey or black wallpaper for the “accent wall” above your bed, or even paint only the ceiling black, depending on what you’re trying to accentuate and look you’re going for. 

Black Curtain, Rug and Bedding Drama

Black Curtain, Rug and Bedding Drama
A pop of black colour on the floor and on the walls is the recipe for a successful bedroom makeover. Of course, in this case, you won’t paint the walls black, but rather pick from different shades of whites and neutrals for the walls, which complement the black colour. Going monochromatic is always the safe choice. The stark contrast between black bedding and a white magnetic mattress topper is a sleek and modern way to switch up your plain bedroom design. If you opt for decorating your bedroom this way, you can go for some brightly-coloured accessories such as a striking neon yellow lamp or sky blue throw pillows. This black mixture also allows you to play with different prints and colour combinations.

Metallic Black Accessories

A trendy colour for the upcoming year is metallic black. Whether you put a metallic black photo frame on the nightstand, choose a black headboard or decorate the floor with a black vintage rug (or combine all of these together),  it will create a special colour story cohesion. If you are more into details, rather than painting the walls black, accessories are there to help you achieve a darker bedroom look. If you frequently change styles and colour schemes for your rooms, this is the better solution for you since accessories are easily replaceable items. It is not that expensive and is less time-consuming than painting the entire room or hanging the curtains and changing bed sheets. With the aid of black accessories, you add finishing touches to the decor and complete the overall look. 
Black is the synonym for class and timeless style. For an edgy look, paint the walls and the ceiling black. If you want a subtle change, opt for metallic black accessories. Last but not least, if you are leaning more towards chic and elegance, bedding and rugs will do the trick for you. What is the biggest risk you took when it comes to your personal bedroom design? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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